heartbluff's Journal

rewild, v : to return to a more natural or wild state; the process of undoing domestication. Synonyms: undomesticate, uncivilize.

i moved my family to a little house on a mountain in rural western north carolina. my goal is to eventually get off the grid and rewild. life in the backwoods is very different, sometimes very difficult. the beauty and peace are balanced by the ugly and ferocious. this journal is the story of our home and our lives here in the southern appalachian mountains. entries will be tabbed and will include wild edibles, wild herbs, hunting seasons, weather observations, animal identifications, food preservation, gardening, composting, stuff like that. there will be lots of photos.

***NOTE: if you find anything incorrectly named or labelled, please let me know.

i have an angst journal: lahermite. readers of that one won't be added to the reading list of this one to avoid duplicates. this journal won't contain angst as it is more to remind me of my goal, document the path toward my goal, describe life here in the backwoods, and act as a bio-regional calendar. it's also to remind me why i love it here, despite its challenges.